Module config.

Module config.

Config page

The MerouSign module has only one global parameter.
After signature of the Shipment sheet by MerouSign, must it, yes or no, also close it (classify as Closed)?

Hidden parameters

Some settings, rarely used, are available and configurable by going to "Home> Configuration> Other Setup" of your Dolibarr.

SettingsDescriptionDefault value
MEROUSIGN_ALWAYS_ALLOW_SIGNINGIf equal to 1, you can sign a Shipment sheet whatever its state (draft, validated, ...)0
MEROUSIGN_ALLOW_SIGN_SUFFIXIf equal to 1, add the suffix "-sign" to the name of the generated pdf file which allows to mark it and avoid replacing it by an unsigned pdf during an automatic or manual regeneration. If the suffix is activated, 2 signed pdf files are generated, one with the "-sign" suffix, the other without.1
MEROUSIGN_SIGNATURE_COLORSignature line color (in html format)#000000
MEROUSIGN_SIGNATURE_LINE_WIDTHThickness of signature line (in pixels)1
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