Pivot Reports



A Pivot Report is a representation of raw data from the database to facilitate calculation, analysis, synthesis and know the trend of business activity (Business Intelligence).
In the rest of the documentation, we will call Data source the SQL query that selects the data of the database as well as the whole of the raw result of this request.
Two types of representations are possible: Table and Chart.
Each type (table or chart) has several variants.
In most cases, to generate a Pivot report, 5 elements are needed:

  • A Data source (in this version, it's a SQL SELECT query)
  • At least one field in the data source providing column data
  • At least one field in the data source providing row data
  • A data source field on which the calculations will be carried out
  • A calculation operation (Sum, Average, ...)

In some types of representations, it is possible to need only 2 or 3 of these elements in addition to the Data source which is mandatory.
Implementation in the Pivot Reports module for Dolibarr

The Pivot Reports module for Dolibarr allows to define Data Sources and to create Pivot reports by simply dragging and dropping the fields of the selected data source.
It provides as standard 17 predefined data sources and 40+ predefined reports covering almost all Dolibarr business objects (Quote, Orders, ...)
It gives the ability to add as many data sources and reports as you want in a funny way.
You have the choice of 18 possible representations (tables and charts), 20+ possible calculation operations (Sum, Average, Median, Variance, ...), export of the computed data in the TSV or Excel format, export charts as image format.

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