Module config.

Module config.

Config page

The SoleilSign module global parameters:

  • After signature of the Intervention by SoleilSign, must it, yes or no, also classified as "Done"?
  • Signatures dialog width. Adjust the signatures dialog width to fit your device and your signing tool.

Hidden parameters (module version 1.1.0+)

Some settings, rarely used, are available and configurable by going to "Home> Configuration> Other Setup" of your Dolibarr.

SettingsDescriptionDefault value
SOLEILSIGN_ALWAYS_ALLOW_SIGNINGIf equal to 1, you can sign an intervention whatever its state (draft, validated, ...)0
SOLEILSIGN_ALLOW_SIGN_SUFFIXIf equal to 1, add the suffix "-sign" to the name of the generated pdf file which allows to mark it and avoid replacing it by an unsigned pdf during an automatic or manual regeneration. 1.3.0+: If the suffix is activated, 2 signed pdf files are generated, one with the "-sign" suffix, the other without.1
SOLEILSIGN_SIGNATURE_COLORSignature line color (in html format)#000000
SOLEILSIGN_SIGNATURE_LINE_WIDTHThickness of signature line (in pixels)1
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